September 24, 2022

How Workings Of A 2d Animation Studio In Singapore Have Changed Over Time

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The animation industry, all across the world has seen a rapid growth. If one was to watch any animated movie from the 90s and then watch a relatively recent one, they would realise how much the industry has developed, based on just the animations and the detailing. While the positive growth and development of this industry has been global, it is also true that the way of operating of each animation house or studio depends on the type of animation and the genre that they create. For example both, a 2d animation studio in singapore and a 2d animation studio in India would produce fine works complete with detailing however there would be certain distinctive factors in the works of both.

What constitutes the job of an animation studio?

2d animation studio in singapore

An animation studio in general is one that created animated movies. By theoretical definition, animation refers to the art of digitalising images in the 2 dimension and making them move in the same. Some classic examples of 2d animated movies would be toy story, minions, the barbie series etc. The number of drawings per second in a movie are measured in fps. For example if a movie constitutes of as many as 24 images per second, it’s frequency would be 24fps. Usually in order to save time and costs, artists animate in sets of 2 frames Or 2fps. This process is known as mainstream animation production.

As mentioned above modern animation has witnessed a monumentally significant and visible growth in not only technology but also other factors. The animation sector which  was earlier perceived as only a singular branch of the movie industry as a whole, has now attained the title of an atomic industry in itself. Earlier animated movies were made using handmade drawings with traditional tools like paper, pens and pencils. However now with the digitalisation of everything in the world, the animation industry too underwent the said phenomenon and gained great advantages.

The animation industry during it’s birth was considered to be one that could be managed by hardly one or two people. Not only this but animated movies were expensive and extremely time consuming to make, given the intense manual labor that went behind drawing each and every frame of a movie by hand. Not that the industry has become any less tedious or cheap but it has surely seen advancements that have allowed it to save costs and improve quality in the same amount of time.